Special discount for Swiss National Day

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Special discount for Swiss National Day

A very important date is quickly coming up... The 1st of August is the Swiss National Day or Bundesfeiertag, where most cities hold local celebrations in honor of the founding of the confederation.

National day celebrations in Gland, Vaud (Photo by Christian Bonzon)

The core founding act of Switzerland is the signing of the Rütli pact ("Serment du Grütli" in French) in 1291 by the three initial cantons: Schwyz, Uri and Unterwald. Though no main "centralized" event is organized for the occasion, local celebrations are held at a municipal level. Below is an example of the official celebration given in Ringtail's hometown of Gland, Vaud (Photo by Victor Beaune):

At Ringtail Security we are also celebrating this by offering everyone a special automatic discount for a whole week. From 01/08/2021 through 07/08/2021, all orders will automatically be offered a 10% discount at checkout.

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Swiss National Day lanterns (Photo by Valentin Flauraud)

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