A clip-on cover for the Netsplit

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A clip-on cover for the Netsplit

Is your Netsplit tearing up the pockets of your delicate suits while on assignment?

Well, you are not alone! I must admit I have been experiencing the same issue myself.

This prompted me to design a small cover for the back of the Netsplit - just enough to protect the exposed pins (or rather, protect your clothes from them).

After a bit of playing around in Fusion 360, I had exactly what I wanted.

I started from the actual PCB outline layer, which I exported as DXF - a format which can be easily imported in Fusion.

Printing the result on the same Creality Ender3 V2 printer I use for everything else turned out great! Check the output in the pictures below:

The STL file is available for download if you want to print the cover yourself and/or modify it:

Since today, I have started including one of these covers with every order of the Netsplit :)

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