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After reading many of your messages about the Skunk and its features, I was able to get a better understanding of what most users needed. I took some time the past few days to work on implementing the features that seemed to warrant the highest attention. So here it is (finally): version 1.2.0 of the Skunk firmware. In in this article I will try to present the changes brought along by this new update. A better command-line interface One of the key advantages of the Skunk is the simplicity with which it can be configured, simply by plugging in a...

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Meet the Swiss pocket knife of network traffic inspection Netsplit is a passive Ethernet tap device, making it easy to sniff packets across Ethernet links. Place the Netsplit between two devices and monitor network traffic on the tap ports. This works by forcing the devices into 10/100 mode (prohibiting gigabit-speed comms) also known as "Fast Ethernet", which is well suited for passive monitoring. The two ports at the ends of the Netsplit are wired together normally as would a standard cable. However, their respective transmission lines are mirrored to the center "tap" ports. Because only the transmission lines are mirrored to...

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