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The Nautilus is a dual voltage USB UART - a nice little tool to have whenever you need to pop a shell on some target electronics board, be it a router, embedded Linux system or some microcontroller-based device. Twitter user Rémy GILLET (@remyglt) has taken the time to design a beautiful 3D printed case, which he was then kind enough to share with everyone. The results look very nice, below is a close-up of the orange version printed by @remyglt himself. I quickly printed mine in some glow-in-the-dark PLA, but I must say I still prefer the orange version from Rémy. This is what...

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A beginner-friendly embedded development kit The ioNode is a tiny and versatile microcontroller board. What's a microcontroller you say? Quick answer: a small processor with some RAM, Flash storage and a few peripheral interfaces. The ioNode is the ultimate AVR development board from Dooba, hosting a powerful ATMEGA1284P. Program it with some code to manipulate the individual inputs/outputs and start interacting with other chips, boards and target systems. The ioNode is programmed via USB (cable included) but your code can also communicate with a host computer for configuration, logging or whatever you may need. A bunch of basic components including...

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For those unfamiliar, a USB UART is basically a "serial port" that can be added to a computer, exposing TX / RX lines for electronic communication with a target device. These come in handy for many uses, probably the most common of which is getting a debug shell on some embedded Linux system. Unfortunately, not all devices agree on the voltage level that should be used for such serial interfaces. Some devices are nice enough to "tolerate" a wide range of voltages, while some other less flexible ones simply fry up if you dare present them with an extra volt...

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