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I've been keeping my Azban in my wallet for over a year now. I must say I haven't been particularly careful with it - I just keep it in a small plastic ziploc bag in this pocket: However, it's held up fine so far - it still works perfectly and doesn't show any sign of damage. These are designed to withstand a bit of abuse. Regardless, I do know many are in fact concerned about carrying that raw PCB around. To be fully honest, I must also admit that the form factor can make it harder to insert/remove in certain...

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The Azban USB device is now available from our products section! This is the business end of the Azban payload delivery platform - the actual USB device that is plugged into a computer to unleash the power of the raccoon god (or just run your payload script). Get yours now: Azban USB device

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Although I have been very happy with the old Azban shop so far, I have also been developing other security products using Dooba technology. I did not want to end up with a collection of individual online stores for different products. These products don't really have their place on the main Dooba store either, so I was left frustrated until I motivated myself to create a "security division" for Dooba: Ringtail Security. Here I should have the freedom to offer the specialized niche products that I enjoy developing for you. I hope you will find them useful!

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