New Azban Slim fits most commercial USB enclosures

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New Azban Slim fits most commercial USB enclosures

The Azban is a great way to compromise systems. Write a few lines of shell script and plug the USB device into a computer to run your payload regardless of operating system or keyboard layout.

However, there are many cases where it would be even better to fit the Azban device into a "legitimate" device's enclosure.

For this reason, I decided to also offer a Slim version of the Azban device, designed around the form factor for most common commercial USB flash drive enclosures.

An example is shown below, fitting the Azban Slim into one of these classic "spinner" style flash drives.

The Azban Slim edition is small enough to easily fit inside most of these types of cases. To make sure it holds together firmly, a bit of hot glue might be required.

Get yours today!

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