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It gives me immense joy to finally reveal what I've secretly been working on for the past months. I must admit it has been difficult to keep this to myself as I was progressing through the design and development of this new product. After many successful pentests using the Skunk gigabit switch as a way to bypass NAC (by spoofing the MAC address of a legitimate device and duplicating its traffic), I came to realize the value of this technique, which I started referring to as "ghosting". I started to understand I needed to design a device which would accomplish...

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The Skunk is a Gigabit Ethernet tap and switch. Use it as a basic switch whenever you need one, or use it to sniff packets at gigabit speeds. Or write a custom firmware to do something else entirely. That's right - the Skunk firmware is open-source, simple and built with the Dooba SDK. In fact, go check it out if you are interested: When it's time to sniff some packets, the Skunk is ready to go in a single command via USB - no fumbling with complex web interfaces and IP address configuration madness. Plug in the cables, enable sniffing and start...

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