Network intrusion on a whole new level - Meet the Basilisk

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Network intrusion on a whole new level - Meet the Basilisk

It gives me immense joy to finally reveal what I've secretly been working on for the past months. I must admit it has been difficult to keep this to myself as I was progressing through the design and development of this new product.

After many successful pentests using the Skunk gigabit switch as a way to bypass NAC (by spoofing the MAC address of a legitimate device and duplicating its traffic), I came to realize the value of this technique, which I started referring to as "ghosting". I started to understand I needed to design a device which would accomplish this automatically and transparently for my laptop, without requiring me to change its MAC address. In fact, this device could even take away my need to even know a legitimate device's MAC address in the first place.

This is how I eventually came to the logical conclusion:

Fully automated Ethernet ghosting

Discover the ultimate tool for attacking Ethernet networks. Built around a dedicated hardware packet engine, the Basilisk seamlessly merges the Ethernet traffic of one device (the "ghost") into another.

Hide your traffic from the SOC, bypass NAC instantly and intrude in silence simply by plugging your computer into the ghost port of the Basilisk and hooking it to a legitimate host.

No configuration is required, no manual is provided - just plug it in and the Basilisk will discover MAC addresses and alter packets in real-time to transparently fuse your traffic with that of a legitimate device, making you practically invisible on the network.

Dedicated hardware packet engine

The Basilisk modifies packets in real-time directly as they are received over the wire. Even if no latency is induced, traffic from two devices is in fact being merged into a single link. To address this, every port is equipped with 32KB of circular packet buffer space to further reduce congestion under heavy load.

Get yours!

The Basilisk is now available from the shop. The plastic case is included, and the STL files are also available from the product page for 3D-printing yourself. Modify it, customize it, or just print it in a bunch of different colors.

Also included are three Cat6 cables to get you hooked up right away.

Take your network intrusion to a new level - get your Basilisk today.

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