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Is your Netsplit tearing up the pockets of your delicate suits while on assignment? Well, you are not alone! I must admit I have been experiencing the same issue myself. This prompted me to design a small cover for the back of the Netsplit - just enough to protect the exposed pins (or rather, protect your clothes from them). After a bit of playing around in Fusion 360, I had exactly what I wanted. I started from the actual PCB outline layer, which I exported as DXF - a format which can be easily imported in Fusion. Printing the result on...

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Meet the Swiss pocket knife of network traffic inspection Netsplit is a passive Ethernet tap device, making it easy to sniff packets across Ethernet links. Place the Netsplit between two devices and monitor network traffic on the tap ports. This works by forcing the devices into 10/100 mode (prohibiting gigabit-speed comms) also known as "Fast Ethernet", which is well suited for passive monitoring. The two ports at the ends of the Netsplit are wired together normally as would a standard cable. However, their respective transmission lines are mirrored to the center "tap" ports. Because only the transmission lines are mirrored to...

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