Meet the Skunk - next level network intrusion and sniffing

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Meet the Skunk - next level network intrusion and sniffing

The Skunk is a Gigabit Ethernet tap and switch. Use it as a basic switch whenever you need one, or use it to sniff packets at gigabit speeds.

Or write a custom firmware to do something else entirely. That's right - the Skunk firmware is open-source, simple and built with the Dooba SDK. In fact, go check it out if you are interested:

When it's time to sniff some packets, the Skunk is ready to go in a single command via USB - no fumbling with complex web interfaces and IP address configuration madness. Plug in the cables, enable sniffing and start your capture session.

The Skunk is also excellent at bypassing NACs. Actually, that's the main purpose we use it for during pentests. The ability to use a port as "sniff output" and use the same port for regular network access at the same time makes the Skunk incredibly flexible.

To keep things as simple and flexible as possible, the Skunk is sold "naked", without any enclosure / case. However, 3D models are freely available for printing a basic enclosure, which can be improved upon and modified easily.

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