A keychain case for the Azban

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A keychain case for the Azban

I've been keeping my Azban in my wallet for over a year now.

I must say I haven't been particularly careful with it - I just keep it in a small plastic ziploc bag in this pocket:

However, it's held up fine so far - it still works perfectly and doesn't show any sign of damage. These are designed to withstand a bit of abuse.

Regardless, I do know many are in fact concerned about carrying that raw PCB around. To be fully honest, I must also admit that the form factor can make it harder to insert/remove in certain situations.

After some thinking about this I decided to fire up Fusion 360 with the idea of making a small simple enclosure that would address some of these concerns.

While designing the case I realized it could be interesting to add some kind of attachment point. A simple hole offers the ability to hook the Azban to a keychain.

Once I was satisfied with the design, I turned to my Creality Ender 3 V2 for printing. I decided to go for some clear PLA - I loaded some Fillamentum Crystal Clear filament.

The results were very nice, as always with this printer. I am not sponsored in any way by Creality but I really do enjoy this Ender 3 V2 :)

Assembly is easy - no glue required. Just press the Azban inside the bottom part and then add the top.

Here's a short video showing the case in action:

I've decided to start including one of these small cases with every Azban order (for free). Of course, the STL files for customizing and/or printing this yourself are available for download:

Below are some videos of the printing process:


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