A new USB injection tool

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A new USB injection tool

USB injection is such a pleasure: find an open session, plug in, loot.

Operational constraints can make it difficult though: not knowing the keyboard layout of the victim for example.

Whenever flexibility is key, our signature injector Azban is able to deploy payloads on virtually any OS and keyboard layout combination. However to achieve this Azban requires the victim workstation to be connected to the Internet. While this is not an issue in many cases, there are situations where an offline injection is actually required, such as tightly-restricted corporate network environments.

Thus, a new solution presents itself in the form of the Fungus - a new injector specially built to target Windows hosts. Just like the Azban, it does not care about the victim's keyboard, working its way around the layout to deliver your payload from a MicroSD card embedded in the device (included with the Fungus).

Because it specifically targets Windows systems, the Fungus actually runs even faster than the Azban, further minimizing the risk of being interfered with by the user, and thus increasing the chances of success.

Planning some Social Engineering or Red Team activities in the near future? Add this to your arsenal for maximum pwnage - get your Fungus today!

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