Alternative case designs for the Skunk

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Alternative case designs for the Skunk

Are you growing tired of the "classic" look of the Skunk's basic enclosure? Do you wish there was a funkier alternative?

I wanted to experiment with other designs for this case. After some playing around, I came up with two alternatives which, at least to me, provide some nice change of outfit for the Skunk.

Please note: only the standard green case is shipped with the Skunk for now. The cases presented here are simply experiments that I encourage anyone with a 3D printer to try out for themselves.

The bottom part of the case has not actually changed - only the top part is different, meaning you don't actually need to re-print multiple bottom parts, and it's easy to mix and match materials.


Download: skunk-case-top-alt-0.stl

This is the first of the two new case designs, and comes out particularly nice with translucent filament such as the Crystal Clear Kiwi Green PLA from Fillamentum.


Download: skunk-case-top-alt-1.stl

This other design offers a better view inside the Skunk, revealing the circuit board. In my opinion this one renders better using some opaque color material such as the Vertigo Mystique or Everybody's Magenta PLA, both also from Fillamentum.

Customize them!

I hope that you will enjoy these new designs, but more importantly I hope you will customize them and share some new ideas!

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