Birb finally released! (after almost 2 years...)

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Birb finally released! (after almost 2 years...)

The setting

As a pentester, I've been mostly dissatisfied with the major web fuzzing / discovery tools.

With recurring issues ranging from "too tedious to setup (or use)", to simply "way too slow", about two years ago I started thinking I should maybe do something about it.

The idea

I decided to create a new tool, initially mostly for finding web directories, but with the ultimate intent of having a general web fuzzer. The requirements were clear:

* must be easy to run (single binary)

* simple to use with clear help

* flexible enough to address most scenarios

* quick to load a heavy wordlist

* efficiently leverage multi-tasking and HTTP pipelining

I picked the name "Birb" and got to work on the implementation - after about a week I finally had something functional.

Over the course of the following months, I continued perfecting the tool as more of my pentest colleagues started switching over to it for their own assessments.

Today's release

It's been quite a while now that I use Birb on every pentest I have, and I started thinking that others may find it useful.

Today, Birb is seeing its first release at version 1.13.0. For now at least, Birb is not open source. I may release the source code at a later point in time but this is not certain yet.

Birb has a dedicated page with a download link as well as usage instructions. Go check it out: Birb - Faster Web Discovery

I will keep maintaining and upgrading Birb over time, so stay tuned for new features!

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