Defend your infrastructure with Artio

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Defend your infrastructure with Artio

How secure are your networks?

Artio shines a new light on your network to reveal things no other solution can see. Built on our experience with network intrusion, this next-level detection system can identify threats previously kept under the radar.

Detect NAC bypass, ghosting, MAC cloning, poisoning and more

Artio is the first commercially-available solution to detect Ethernet ghosting / NAC bypass. Artio also detects network scans, partial ghosting / MAC theft, poisoning / MITM (Man-In-The-Middle) and more.

Simple integration

Artio is packaged as a standard 19" rack-mount unit (1U), with a short depth of only 230mm (including power connector).


Detection events are reported to your monitoring system via SNMP, which can also be used to query the Artio for status details.

Configuration is easily achieved through a fully-documented USB command-line interface.

To cover all cases, Artio is available as three distinct models:

Model  Maximum hosts VLAN capabilities (Maximum networks)
Green 200 1
Orange 400 4
Black 800 8


Each model can monitor up to a certain number of hosts. These can be spread across multiple VLANs on the Orange and Black models.

Upgrades & support

Each Artio unit is backed by a three-year support contract (renewable). This includes dedicated help and support, exclusive access to upgrades as well as the option to have your unit replaced in case of ANY malfunction (yes, this covers interns knocking over the network cabinet).


Defend your infrastructure - get Artio today!

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