Designing a better case for the Skunk

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Designing a better case for the Skunk

The Skunk is a really cool device to carry around. It doesn't take too much space yet serves up some pretty cool features when it comes to Ethernet links.

Those of us who like to always have a Skunk ready in our toolbag must therefore protect its board from being damaged.

While some like to simply have it in a small anti-static pouch, keeping the size to a minimum, others (including myself) would rather have it enclosed in a nice rigid case.


The Skunk User Guide therefore includes STL files for printing such an enclosure. I recently started feeling like this case design had gotten a little old, and deserved some upgrades.

After some time in Fusion 360, I had completed a new design which I felt looked better and smaller, while also featuring better tolerances for press-fit assembly.

The STL files in the Skunk User Guide have been updated. If you really want the old ones for some reason, contact me and I'll gladly send them over.

The case came out of the printer perfect and beautiful in this "Crystal Clear Kiwi Green" PLA from Fillamentum.

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