Introducing PopFob: Opener of many doors

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Introducing PopFob: Opener of many doors

Capture and replay ASK signals

ASK (Amplitude-Shift Keying) is a form of modulation used by most garage doors remotes, as well as many car keys, alarm systems and other entry/access control mechanisms.

PopFob listens for these radio signals, detecting and extracting any interesting patterns. Detected signal patterns are then saved to one of eight memory slots, matching the eight available pads.

The pads light up to indicate a signal has been assigned, and can then be pressed to replay the signal. They also blink anytime the assigned signal is detected again, keeping a score system for easy identification of "interesting" signals.

Analyze, manipulate, create

The included USB interface can be hooked to a computer to further analyze the signals by hand, allowing for custom manipulation and crafting.

@> sigtab help
Usage: sigtab [OPERATION]

Displays signal table when no OPERATION is provided

* help - Display this help
* clear - Clear signal table
* drop <SIGIDX> - Drop signal SIGIDX from table
* dump <SIGIDX> - Dump signal SIGIDX for exporting
* dset <SIGIDX> - Directly set SIGIDX from exported data
* play <SIGIDX> [COUNT] - Play signal SIGIDX COUNT times (default: 5)
* sens <LEVEL> - Configure detection sensitivity ([5-30], default: 15)
* log <LEVEL> - Configure logging level (min: 0, max: 3, default: 0)

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