Power your Skunk from USB!

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Power your Skunk from USB!

After receiving multiple messages regarding the possibility of powering the Skunk from a USB source, I felt I had to address this legitimate need.

I had initially designed the Skunk to operate from the same voltage as a USB port to ensure that something like this could be envisionned later if required.

So here it is: the Skunk now includes a USB power cable which features a USB-A male plug on one end and on the other end, the same center-positive 2.1-5.5 DC barrel jack as on the included wall adapter.

This allows fun things like powering from a USB power bank to keep the Skunk mobile. Keep in mind however that some very old or "weak" sources such as old laptops may not be able to reliably power the Skunk.

For now, both the wall adapter power supply and the USB power cable are included and shipped with every Skunk. This will probably be replaced by just a USB wall adapter and the USB power cable within the following days / weeks.

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