Ringtail Security has a MAC prefix!

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Ringtail Security has a MAC prefix!

The time has finally come!

With the development of new products (in particular those revolving around Ethernet), the need is growing for Ringtail Security to be able to create MAC addresses.

I must admit this is something I've been dreaming about for the past 15 years.


In case you are not familiar, MAC addresses are created by manufacturers within specific ranges allocated by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association (IEEE SA) Registration Authority.

To be able to create such MAC addresses, manufacturers use a MAC prefix assigned by the IEEE SA.

Ringtail Security's first block

On April 30 2021 I applied for a first MAC address block from the IEEE SA.

It gives me great pride and pleasure to announce that Ringtail Security is now approved and assigned the MAC prefix 8c:1f:64:a2:9.

This will be used to generate addresses for the upcoming products currently in development. Stay tuned for more!

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