The new Skunk is here!

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The new Skunk is here!

Your favorite switch just got even better

The Skunk gets a new version for 2022! Still providing the same features you know and love, the software remains the same but the hardware has had some visible changes.

Probably the most obvious is the move from the classic green soldermask to a fresh purple. Some changes are not just cosmetic though: the physical footprint has been reduced quite a bit.

From 84x75 mm down to 75x61 mm, the Skunk just got a 27% size reduction. It now takes even less space in your hacker backpack or toolbox.

This becomes pretty obvious when putting the classic Skunk next to the new.

Another change is the transition from the previous "Kiwi Green" plastic for the case to a semi-transparent clear plastic.

The first units are now ready for shipping, get yours today in the Ringtail Security shop!

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