Syphoon - Raccoon-in-the-Middle

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Syphoon - Raccoon-in-the-Middle

Weapons-grade MitM

Syphoon is a MitM (Man-in-the-Middle) tool - it abuses the network to redirect communications from other hosts through itself. This allows sniffing as well as manipulation of communications between hosts on the network.

Beat the network into submission

When thinking about MitM, the first thing that comes to mind is often sniffing passwords out of clear-text exchanges. This is a gross oversimplification of what Syphoon is capable of.

MitM is only the beginning - Syphoon offers a wide range of tools to extract information, manipulate exchanges, strip SSL, redirect network flows and more.

Written exclusively in C and optimized to leverage parallel processing, Syphoon integrates directly with the Linux packet processing mechanism through the Netfilter Queue API.

This tight integration helps to further enhance performance and ensure highest possible efficiency.

Easy to use & fully documented

Syphoon was designed from the start to be as easy to use as possible. Though versatile and flexible, anyone can begin enjoying the power of Syphoon within minutes of playing with it.

No need to spend days reading through cryptic pages to understand how to use Syphoon. A single-page user guide quickly presents all the necessary information in an easy to read format. Built-in help ('--help' command-line argument) also serves as a quick reference for all of Syphoon's features.

Whether you need to simply strip SSL and dump a few packets or actually mount a complex attack scenario, Syphoon is built to help you get it done with minimal effort.

A long time coming

Many of you have already been hearing about this for a while now. In fact, I've been working on this type of tool for quite a few years.

MitM or Man-in-the-Middle is a key concept in security. Both a versatile research tool and powerful weapon, MitM can help analyze and reverse-engineer hidden protocols as well as compromise communications in complex attack scenarios to harvest credentials or inject malicious payloads.

For over ten years now I have been writing different iterations and variants of this tool for many platforms. Syphoon is the culmination of these years of research to build something that is efficient, easy to use, versatile and powerful.

Get it now

Syphoon is now finally available to eligible populations. Distributed under a 3-year license, the solution is shipped on a dedicated USB flash drive. A digital copy is also provided for immediate use.

Pricing details and purchasing information are all available from the Syphoon page.

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