Skunk now includes a plastic case!

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Skunk now includes a plastic case!

Recently I mentioned having worked on an updated version of the Skunk's 3D-printed case.

After some thinking about it, I decided it would be better to actually include a print of the case with the Skunk itself.



Why the change?

Many of you don't own or have access to a 3D printer, and I started to feel it was unfair to some to only provide the STL files for printing yourself.

3D-printing details

I tried a few filaments to find something that would look nice, print reliably and require no post-processing.

Fillamentum's Crystal Clear Kiwi Green emerged as the winner, looking absolutely fantastic. They are not sponsoring this in any way - I was just very satisfied with their PLA filament offer.

This is all done on an Ender3 V2 from Creality. Again, they are not sponsoring this in any way, but after trying a few printers from different manufacturers, I must say I was generally impressed by this model.

What about the STL files?

The STL files for the case are still available from the user guide, for anyone looking to print another color or modify the design for specific needs / aesthetics.

Go get your Skunk today!

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