Introducing the Manifold - Triple USB Ethernet Dongle

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Introducing the Manifold - Triple USB Ethernet Dongle

I got tired of carrying a bunch of USB Ethernet dongles for my pentests. Whenever I need to connect to multiple networks, my laptop ends up looking like a degenerate squid monster.

It was time to do something about this.

Meet the Manifold

The Manifold features three individual 10/100 Ethernet interfaces, each with its own MAC address. Connect to all the networks without turning your computer into a spaghetti creature!

These are shipped with MAC addresses from the Ringtail Security prefix - read more about it here.

Customizable by default

As always, the STL files for the plastic case are available for download from the product page so you can customize it to your taste or just print it in a different color / material.

Get yours today!

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