Meet the Sparkplug - a tiny injector for those pesky PoE devices

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Meet the Sparkplug - a tiny injector for those pesky PoE devices

A delicate situation

Sometimes you need to hook something behind a device in a corporate network.

Unfortunately, sometimes that device turns out to be an IP phone or video camera only powered through PoE.

Unless there's a spare power supply lying around that just happens to match the device, this can mean the difference between a successful intrusion or an embarrassing moment.

An easy solution

The solution to this is the Sparkplug - a tiny PoE injector capable of powering devices up to 15W.

On one side, hook up the included wall adapter and the PoE device. On the other side, connect whatever evil contraption you desire, whether it's a SkunkBasilisk or something else. That's it!

The orange LED should light up, indicating a PoE-compliant device is detected on the port.

A 48V 40W power supply is included, as well as a green plastic case.

As always, the 3D files for the case are available for download. Get them from the product page or download them directly from here:

Don't risk being left out of that sweet telephony or video surveillance network - get your Sparkplug PoE injector today!

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