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Meet the Swiss pocket knife of network traffic inspection Netsplit is a passive Ethernet tap device, making it easy to sniff packets across Ethernet links. Place the Netsplit between two devices and monitor network traffic on the tap ports. This works by forcing the devices into 10/100 mode (prohibiting gigabit-speed comms) also known as "Fast Ethernet", which is well suited for passive monitoring. The two ports at the ends of the Netsplit are wired together normally as would a standard cable. However, their respective transmission lines are mirrored to the center "tap" ports. Because only the transmission lines are mirrored to...

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The Azban USB device is now available from our products section! This is the business end of the Azban payload delivery platform - the actual USB device that is plugged into a computer to unleash the power of the raccoon god (or just run your payload script). Get yours now: Azban USB device

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Although I have been very happy with the old Azban shop so far, I have also been developing other security products using Dooba technology. I did not want to end up with a collection of individual online stores for different products. These products don't really have their place on the main Dooba store either, so I was left frustrated until I motivated myself to create a "security division" for Dooba: Ringtail Security. Here I should have the freedom to offer the specialized niche products that I enjoy developing for you. I hope you will find them useful!

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